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  Covering the Kohan series as well as news for TimeGate Studios & Axis & Allies.

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Author Chimaeros Date Tue Mar 27, 2007 2:19 pm Views 1982
Description Background of Ahriman's Gift
Category Ahriman's Gift & Immortal Sovereigns Type Misc

KAG Background & Features
It is the end of an age on Khaldun; an age that has known nothing but peace as far back as mortal memories stretch. But the Kohan that survived the last Cataclysm recognize the thunderhead brewing in the distance. Thos Kohan fallen to the Shadow, called the Ceyah, once again stride across Khaldun sowing terror in their wake. They depose kings and seize power while marshaling their forces in preparation for the coming battle.

A handful of Kohan have come forth to challenge the Ceyah in the eternal struggle between the Creator and the Shadow. But the Shadow has a powerful new champion awakened from the Great Dream. Once a stalwart member of the High Council, this champion burns with a jealous passion known only to those seduced by the Shadow.
The Shadow's champion rises and darkness approaches. A darkness that creeps into the hearts and lives of men as their world teeters on the brink of chaos...

Khaldun was a world at peace. It has been ages since the last cataclysm and mortal men do not realize that the danger is once again looming on the horizon. Evil is slowly marshalling its forces across the face of Khaldun, preparing for the final Cataclysm, one that will forever unleash the power of Ahriman upon the world. The mortals go about their daily lives, unaware that immortal forces, both noble and vile, are slowly reawakening around them. All of them ready to continue their unending struggle for dominance.
One among them has been chosen by the forces of the Shadow to be their champion. Roxanna Javidan gazes once more at a world promised to her. Nothing can stand in her way, as she leads the Shadow into a new age of never-ending darkness.

New Features

Dozens of new immortal heroes with amazing new abilities are ready to lead your armies to victory.

Over a dozen new units, including the new faction specific Elite Priests and Warmages, all wielding spells lost since the days of the First Cataclysm.

Dozens of new technologies to be discovered buried in ancient ruins and guarded by terrifying creatures.

Three campaigns featuring over 20 challenging missions to explore.

New insights into the history, the people, and the places of Khaldun.

Dozens of multiplayer deathmatch and scenario maps, spicing up both skirmish battles against the AI and online wars against human rivals.

Random terrain generation system, including climate defined maps and new terrain such as arctic forests and snow covered mountain ranges.

All Features

Company Based Combat System:
Up to 50 different units can be combined to create thousands of companies that are commanded as a single unit, greatly reducing the click-factor inherent in many RTS titles. Different formations alter the company's Attack Value, Visual Range, Zone of Control, Movement Rate, and can even affect Morale.

Classic Military Concepts:
Morale - may drop during combat and when members are lost. This can cause rout in battle and refusals to accept commands for a short time. Supply - if a player dares to venture too far from the supply range of their buildings, they may lose the ability to heal and regain lost units. Terrain - may slow the movement of a company, provide defensive bonuses, and be used to one's advantage or create disadvantages.

Distinctive Economic Model:
All units and buildings have per minute upkeep costs rather than lump sums to be paid upon creation. Kingdom's building components and mines produce resources on a per minute basis. A simple balancing of pluses and minuses will provide a more involved player with a successful economy that can maintain a larger army.

Multiplayer allows for up to 8 players, human or AI over LAN, Internet or GameSpy Arcade. Also included is a random map generator and a variety of settings to create your own customized multiplayer games.
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