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The AwakeningNewsRako's Next Level Mod Released

#1:  Rako's Next Level Mod Released Author: Chimaeros Post Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:02 pm

Rako has finished his KoW Mod, Next Level Mod. Documentation can be found here.

Paraphrasing: "This mod does several things: level the playing field of the races, change the techs, add a little more variety to the unit combos."

It is recommended that you use the KoW Launcher in conjunction with this mod.

Slowing things down...

I've also added two KoW Mods created by Slobbish & Niarg: 20_25 and 40_50 which reduce resupply rate and gold/min.

"A key aspect of this mod is to 'slow' the game down slightly to allow for more strategy, however the question is how much to slow it down? Currently in KKOW a unit regenerates in 10secs, in KAG it was 20secs, and we'd like to try 15secs."
The AwakeningNewsRako's Next Level Mod Released

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