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#1:  TimeGate Site Re-vamp Sneak-Peak Author: Chimaeros Post Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 6:08 pm

Next week we’ll be launching a slightly revamped, and as you know from my last message, the goal is really to get you guys more involved and to show you what it is we do here… well, other than make video games, that is. We wanted to give you a sneak peek this week so you know what to expect.

Here are a few highlights:

More News:
We’re expanding the amount of news you’ll see when you hit the front page… with all of the new games we’re working on, we’re pretty sure we’ll need the extra space.

Community Focus:
We know you guys — along with our developers, of course — are the reason why TimeGate’s been successful, so this new site is going to put more of a focus on you. We’re starting with a prominent link to the Community, which is basically just going to be the forums for now, but will eventually be a site of its own, highlighting fan contributions, websites and more. We’re also making the newsletter a more important part of how we interact with you, with regular updates about the company and our games. Last, but certainly not least, we’re launching the Inside TimeGate section. Here you’ll be able to read staff blogs, find out about company outings (like last week’s baseball game) and get more insight into what goes on behind the scenes at TimeGate.

Featured Jobs:
This is going to be a huge year for us as we expand our teams to work on the next batch of TimeGate games. We’re going to need to bring on a lot of great developers — artists, programmers, designers and more — to help us out, so we’re going to make sure you can see the hottest jobs without having to always hit the Employment page. During the upcoming weeks we’ll also be posting articles about how to break into the game industry, and we’ll show off some of the perks that come with working at TimeGate.

Unannounced Games:
It’s mystery at its best! We’re finally going to call attention to the games we’re working on but haven’t announced yet. Maybe we’ll drop a few hints here and there.

Needless to say, we’re excited about this first step and we’ll continue to roll out additional features over the coming weeks. We can’t wait to start being more involved with the community, and hearing what you think about the company, the new site and our games.
Adel Chaveleh
TimeGate Studios, Inc.
The AwakeningNewsTimeGate Site Re-vamp Sneak-Peak

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