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The AwakeningNewsLordBrion's New KOWLauncher: K2MonkeyMod

#1: Note LordBrion's New KOWLauncher: K2MonkeyMod Author: Chimaeros Post Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 5:19 am

From LordBrion:

Inspired by the KOWLauncher, I created K2MonkeyMod - a Kohan II: Kings of War launcher that makes "monkeying" around with K2 Mods simple and easy, even if you are running Vista or Win7!

There are a few features that I hope will make launching Mods more enjoyable:
- K2MonkeyMod will restore your Kohan2\Data folder to the condition it was in before you launched any Mods.
- No setup or install required - just launch it from a folder that contains a Mod folder filled with your favorite mods.
- The "No Mods" option will strip away all Mods.
- Works with XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Please give this first version a try and give me some feedback. It works well with all the Mods I tested, including the new Arcane Wars mod. K2MonkeyMod requires .Net platform 2.0. is in the downloads section here - go get it!

The AwakeningNewsLordBrion's New KOWLauncher: K2MonkeyMod

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